How to do a feasibility study for a website

The design of your website or online store is an important thing, and therefore you must know how to do a feasibility study for a website,

In idiibi Company blog, we present to you some important points for conducting a feasibility study for a website, due to the gains achieved by websites for their owners.

In the coming lines, we will talk about a feasibility study for websites and online platforms, the basics needed for that, and some important tips to ensure the success of your site.

The importance of creating a website
The website is one of the most powerful tools of knowledge and communication with others around the world now, so the importance of the website is that it provides a unique way to communicate with the world,

This is whether you want to create a website to share your interests, educate others about your brand, sell and market products…etc.

The website through the best web design company enables you to get more presence and contact with the outside world, as there is nothing better than the Internet to spread.

How to do a feasibility study for a website
You should know, my dear, that there are some important points that must be available in order to create a successful online store, and we present them to you through the basics necessary to create a website, which are as follows:

The basics of creating a website
In the following lines, we will show you the basics necessary to create a successful website, which must be taken into account when writing a feasibility study for your website.

Choose a website domain name
This step is the first step in creating a successful website. The domain name of the site or what the domain is is the address of your website, and it is the name by which your site will be known to people, so it is necessary to choose it well.

You can choose any name you want, and always make sure that the domain name of your site is easy to remember, easy to write, and that it is related to the type of business or in which you work.

Host selection
After you have taken the step of determining the domain you want, you will have to search for hosting, as it is one of the basics of creating websites and how to do a feasibility study for a website,

It is a place on the Internet, through which you store files for your site, and there are many web hosting companies that allow you to host your site.

Determine how to create the site
And to know how to do a feasibility study for a website as well, you have to study this step, as a website can be created by many methods, and this has become accessible to everyone, due to the recent low cost of creating websites,

Thanks to the emergence of platforms specialized in building websites, and the proliferation of freelance platforms that connect entrepreneurs and website programmers from all over the world. We help you, at idiibi Company, to create your own website with an attractive, professional design.

Website protection and security
You will store a lot of data on your website or platform, whether company data or customer data, and therefore your customer data should be safe, and then your site must have the highest degree of protection.

Any vulnerability in the site may cause hackers to infiltrate and steal your data and the data of the visitors of the site. There are many security standards that must be adhered to, the most important of which are: SSL Certificate – Secure Sockets Layer Protocol.

Choosing the attractive design of the electronic platform
This step is very important, as 70% of people rate the credibility of the site based on its attractive design, and this is normal. As the design is the first thing that visitors see when entering your website or platform,

If the design is bad and unprofessional, it will generate a bad impression of your site. If you want to know how to do a feasibility study for a website, you should take into account the excellent design of the site, as it is one of the most important factors for the success of the site.

Website promotion
After completing the creation of your website or platform, preparing it, and preparing its contents, then comes the stage of attracting visitors and promoting the site on a large scale, and there are many methods and techniques to bring more visits to your site, we will mention some of them:

Search Engine Optimization.
social networks.
Email Exploitation.
Important tips for the success of your website
If you are thinking of starting to design and create a website, an electronic platform, an online business project, or even a website design project, by reading this article on how to make a feasibility study for a website, you are on the right path.

Here are 10 important tips to ensure the success of your platform or website:

Book the appropriate hosting for your site.
Choose the appropriate domain name and buy it.
Place your sitemap in search engines.
Install software or add-ons to the platform.
Choose the platform specialized in creating and designing websites.
Website building and professional attractive design of the website or platform.
Think about the type of site you want to create, and the desired goals.
Publish appropriate topics that are related to the content of your site.
Study the size of the competition, the amount of effort on the site, and the consequences of that.
Create the site on the local server (localhost) before execution to ensure no errors.

common questions
You may wonder a lot about how to do a feasibility study for a website and make it successful, and sometimes you think more than that before you start owning your own website.

Therefore, dear reader, we have collected for you in these lines the most common questions on this subject, and we have answered them:

How many pages does a website need?
The number of pages depends on the size of your content. Let me tell you that any website needs a home page, which is “about us”, to introduce visitors to the business and the goals of the site, and the remaining pages depend on the type of site content that you aim to achieve.

And remember that the information should be divided into understandable paragraphs and pages, no matter how many pages.

Does my website need a database?
It depends on the amount of information you want to display on your website. If, for example, the website offers many products or services, it is useful to integrate a database into the website design.

We will discuss this in detail with you at idiibi, and if there is a need to integrate a database with the site, we will explain in detail how we will do this work. We will design your website according to your desire.

What is a content management system (CMS)?
A content management system (CMS) is an Internet program that is used by specialized programmers and enables you to create, edit, manage, and publish many materials (such as texts, images, videos, documents, etc.) in multiple forms and formats on your website without the need for any programs. other.


Finally, dear reader, we have come to the end of the article in which we talked about how to do a feasibility study for a website, or an electronic platform in the form of a presentation of the basics of creating websites or electronic platforms, and of course you can use it if you want to design a website to create websites, as we mentioned the top ten tips to ensure The success of your website.
And we remind you, dear, in the end, that through the highly experienced team of idiibi Company and the testimony of its clients, it can design and create a professional website for you, according to your desire and available capabilities.
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